CLIP Portable eMotor Transforms Any Bike Into An eBike

If you’ve ever struggled uphill on your bike, then rejoice because the CLIP portable eMotor will put an end to that. Electric bikes are slowly becoming popular in the US and let’s face it, they make so much sense. You can enjoy the pleasure of a scenic ride around town without the stress of pedaling continuously.

But, you might prefer a regular bike just that your knees aren’t taking too kindly to the workout. The CLIP portable eMotor for bikes will let you have your workout in a way that is gentler on your knees. When it gets to the part where you need to climb uphill, this lovely device kicks in and makes it a breeze.

CLIP Portable eMotor for bikes

The CLIP Portable eMotor is Not an Electric Bike

See, it’s not like a fully electric bike that takes the fun (workout) out of pedaling. You still get to use the pedals and break a sweat. But, you can now use your bike for a longer period without getting exhausted. Think of this as a partially electric bike.

Now, if you read this blog regularly, you can easily tell what products we are excited about. Although we only share products that excite us, stuff we feel redefines the norm. And, the CLIP eMotor certainly does that. Not only can you attach it easily to your bike (and detach it as well), it is rechargeable. The battery has a 4 hour run time and it comes with a charger for easy charging.

Going uphill with CLIP Portable eMotor
Going uphill is a breeze

Seriously, even if you are not a bicycle enthusiast, this is enough to make you want to hop on the next bike you see, right? Okay, maybe not. But the CLIP Portable eMotor is exciting and now, there’s no more reason to put off that bike ride.

That said, how does the CLIP Portable eMotor work?

Basically, the CLIP Portable eMotor works in three easy steps:

  • Attach the CLIP Portable eMotor to your bicycle. This can be from the onset or when you need to climb a particularly challenging hill.
  • Ride the bike and have lots of fun in the process (it’s not mandatory, but it kind of makes it more interesting, right?)
  • Recharge the CLIP Portable eMotor whenever you run out of battery power or before your next ride.
CLIP Portable eMotor bike effortlessly

Components of the CLIP Portable eMotor

  • 450w motor
  • Li-ion 4ah/3bV battery
  • LED/Laser projection lights
  • Bluetooth drive control
  • Connected app ft. gamified CO2 footprint goals

What We Like About the CLIP Portable eMotor

First, we like the fact that you don’t have to go out and buy an electric bike. With the CLIP Portable eMotor your regular, everyday bike can be transformed into an eBike.

Second, it provides flexibility. With an eBike, what you have is an electronic bike and you can’t switch back for a good workout. With this device, if you want to sweat it out, simply detach the CLIP Portable eMotor and you’re good to go.

CLIP Portable eMotor

Third, you can now ride to work without arriving looking like a sweat-drenched rat. Remember those cool ads where the person rides on a bike and ends up looking cool and fresh? Yeah, thanks to the CLIP Portable eMotor, that can be you.

Seriously though, there’s just so much to like about the CLIP Portable eMotor. It makes life a little bit easier and allows you to get about without having to deal with fumes, parking, etc.

CLIP Portable eMotor logo

Finally, the reason behind the CLIP Portable eMotor is one that resounds with us. The purpose is to get more commuters on bikes and reduce intra-city dependency. This helps people to stay healthy and reduces gas emissions from cars. It’s something we can definitely get behind. To find out more about this product, visit their campaign page.

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