3 Fit Theory is Creating the Perfect T-Shirt for Everyone

Do you hate shopping for T-shirts because you can’t seem to find your size? Or maybe you go through several shirts before you eventually do find your size. Imagine the exhaustion. No one has to shop that way ever again, not when you can get a T-shirt that fits perfectly. We’re talking about the shirts from 3 Fit Theory.

What is 3 Fit Theory All About?

Well, 3 Fit Theory about finding the perfect size for you. But, this is not just about size. Most T-shirts come in different sizes anyway, so that’s not the problem. The problem is size TYPE. 3 Fit Theory work in the belief that every ‘body’ is unique and there’s no one-size fit for everyone. So, you might be large on top, but slim at the waist (like most people who work out). You can’t be expected to wear the same shirt cut as someone of the same height but different body type.

3 Fit theory tees

So, in order to find your perfect fit, you get to choose from 3 different fits. That way, you won’t have to bother about searching for the perfect T-Shirt anymore. Simply order more shirts in the same fit. Sounds amazingly stress-free, right? We thought so too.

What are the Fits

Basically, there’s a fit for everyone and this is determined by the cut and the grade of the shirt. For their Kickstarter.com campaign, 3 Fit Theory offered to send their backers 3 different shirt fits. They could try them on for size and then pick their favorite fit. 3 Fit Theory had a fit for tall guys, buff guys, and slim guys. 

Also, the shirts came in different colors which were unlocked after each backer decided on their fits. The colors are Military Green, Navy Blue, Carbon, and White.

3 Fit theory

Amazingly, 3 Fit Theory shirts don’t shrink. So you don’t have to worry about getting the right fit only for it to shrink into something else. Their fabrics are engineered so that even when you wash and dry them, they stay the same. Basically, the fit you pick is the fit it stays.

3 Fit Theory Lifetime Membership

Interestingly, 3 Fit Theory added a different dimension to their product. They introduced a membership model. Those who signed up with them through Kickstarter.com got access to a lifetime membership. What this means is Exclusive access to new releases and member pricing. As well as full access to the website and their monthly subscription service when they launch the site.

So, what does lifetime membership in 3 Fit Theory entail?

  • Exclusive access to new releases from 3 Fit Theory
  • Discounted pricing on future releases from 3 Fit Theory
  • Access to new Fabrics as they make more
  • Access to more Styles as they make more
3 Fit Theory logo

What We Love About 3 Fit Theory Shirts

To be honest, we love a lot about this, but what stands out the most is that this is proudly a USA product. The 3 Fit Theory team set out to prove that you can “make great garments at an affordable price.” And right in the United States too. According to them, “We make damn good t-shirts, and we stand by ’em.”

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