4-Rest Travel Blanket is Stylish & Functional

4-rest travel blanket

4-Rest Travel Blanket is all the travel blanket you’ll ever need. Ever found yourself with a layover of several hours in a cold airport with nothing to keep you warm? Or maybe you’re on vacation and the temperature suddenly spikes, and you have no immediate way to cool down?

Now, either one of these scenarios could leave anyone feeling miserable. And, your average travel blanket will be helpful in only one of these situations. Enter 4-Rest Travel Blanket.

4-Rest travel blanket airport

What’s 4-Rest Travel Blanket

Well, it is a 2-in-1 blanket that has both a warm and cooling effect. In plain English, it is a blanket that you can use to keep warm. And if you’re already too warm and need to cool down, 4-Rest Travel Blanket can do that as well.

Now, the awesome thing about this product is that it isn’t just a blanket. It has sleeves and can be worn either as a poncho or a jacket. It is the “World’s first wearable super lightweight packable travel blanket with sleeves and 2-in-1 warm/cooling effect.” Or at least, that’s what the creator says and we kind of believe him.

4-rest travel blanket camping

What’s so Great About 4-Rest Travel Blanket?

Now, there are several travel blankets out there. Dozens, in fact. Everyone knows how handy they can be when you’re traveling, or camping, or well, just staying at home. So, this is not new.

However, it is new in the sense that it serves a dual purpose. 4-Rest Travel Blanket can keep you warm and then keep you cool. Yep, it’s fabulous like that.

Seriously though, this product has several really cool features.

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Features of 4-Rest Travel Blanket

  • It keeps you warm (we’ve already mentioned that)
  • Then, keeps you cool when you’re hot. If you want even more cooling, wet the blanket.
  • It is small and handy and can literally fit into the outer pocket of your backpack.
  • Oh yeah, and it’s fashionable. Seriously, if you are style-conscious, then this blanket takes nothing away. It is a bit cutting edge and will definitely add to your style quotient.
  • Also, it is lightweight…it’s really small and compact.
  • It has built-in sleeves – how cool is that?
  • It does not wrinkle, so it’s ready to use every time.

Best of all, 4-Rest Travel Blanket is a blanket, a poncho, and a jacket, all in one

4-rest travel blanket wearable

Who Made this Blanket?

Well, we’re glad you asked. His name is Andrew and we have Burning Man to thank for this amazing blanket. Stuck in the desert where it was hot during the day and really cold at night, something snapped. That ‘something’ led Andrew on a journey which brought us 4-Rest Travel Blanket.

Now, he didn’t just create something out of thin air. It was born out of a personal need. 4-Rest Travel Blanket has now become a staple for his family and a few friends. And if you get in early, it could be a staple for you as well.

4-rest travel blanket

4-Rest Travel Blanket is Great for…

First of all, we’ll say that it’s great for everyone! But, specifically for:

  • Camping
  • Traveling
  • Staying home
  • In the office
  • Going to catch a movie
  • Any situation where you would need a blanket.

So, ready to get your 4-Rest Travel Blanket yet? Visit their Kickstarter campaign page to learn more. This blanket comes in two colors: grey and blue.

Name: 4-Rest Travel Blanket
Industry: Product Design/Apparel
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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