More Isn’t Less: Aroo EZ Adapter Travel Compression System

Travel compression systems are not new, but let’s face it, they make it much more fun to travel. Now, we don’t have to choose between the grey boots and the tan colored ones. They can all go!

At least, that’s how it should be in an ideal world. But, we all know the world isn’t ideal, which is why the Aroo EZ adapter is a really good creation.

Aroo travel compression system

What is the Aroo EZ Adapter?

Well, the Aroo EZ adapter is a travel compression system that can compress luggage. Yeah, so what’s different from other travel compression systems? Several things actually, and we’ll talk about them shortly.

First, it’s important to mention that the Aroo EZ adapter is a travel compression system that embodies style and functionality. It’s necessary for a tool to do what it was designed to do.

But, it’s an added plus when it’s sleek and pleasing to look at. And, considering you’ll probably be traveling with the thing, it only makes sense.

Now, on to the features that make this travel compression system special.

Aroo EZ adapter - travel compression system

Special Features of the Aroo Travel Compression System

Basically, the Aroo EZ adapter is a travel compression system on steroids. Not really, but the powerful compression ability make it seem that way.

Super strong

Although we have already mentioned this, it bears repeating. This compression system can actually compress a steel can. That’s really strong.


Also, it works very quickly. Pack stuff into vacuum bag, attach the Aroo EZ adapter and bam! Your stuff is compressed. Just like that.

Very quiet

Interestingly, you would expect such a super tool to make a lot of noise, but it doesn’t. It’s quiet. So you can wake up in the middle of the night to pack your stuff without disturbing your roommate.

easy charging travel compression system

Easy to charge

Again, the Aroo EZ adapter is super easy to charge. This is really important because what’s the point of compressing all your stuff only to travel and then it can no longer fit? This won’t happen with this travel compression system.

So, not only does it have an easy to use USB charger, but it also has a long life. Therefore, you can also use it for several bags before you need to charge.

Works with any vacuum bag

Seriously, this travel compression system will work with practically any vacuum bag out there. The creators tested it on every single vacuum bag they could lay their hands on through Amazon. How’s that for thorough?

Sleek design

Once again, the design is really cool. It’s small enough to pack into your suitcase, but you’ll want to wave it around at the airport. Don’t do that though. It’s going to be hard explaining things to airport security.

EZ travel compression system

About the Folks Behind this Super Travel Compression System

Interestingly, the company was originally named “Aroo”. However, it is now Travel Aroo, Inc and was started March of 2015 in San Diego, CA. It was built as a “garage start-up” company.

Now, the founders had a large mission. To improve the lives of travellers by reducing the number of luggage and saving on baggage fees. If you’ve travelled with kids, you know this is totally important.

As such, they decided to use industrial design “conceptual design” as well as development, manufacturing, and business development. They combined all this with a hands-on understanding of aspects of business to achieve their desire to be the best.

Aroo Travel, Inc, travel compression system

Now, Travel Aroo, Inc is prepared to launch (and actually have launched) their flagship product. Visit Kickstarter to learn more.

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