Backmate is Revolutionizing Pain Management

Soothing Backmate

80% of Americans experience neck or back pain at some point in their lives. Although several people turn to medication or physiotherapy as solutions, they are expensive and are not long-term solutions. Of course, there are home massagers, but if you’ve tried one then you know how ineffective and frustrating they can be. Which is why we are thrilled about Backmate.

Backmate roller

So, what exactly is Backmate? This is a body massager that mounts easily on any doorway and provides instant targeted relief from the comfort of your home. Right in your home, you can address the areas where you’ve been experiencing pain for so long. What’s great about Backmate is that it provides holistic relief for people with active lifestyles, injuries or chronic pain.

Furthermore, by using a rotating ball, it takes a common physiotherapy technique to provide lasting solutions to neck and back pain. This is almost like having your own personal physiotherapist living in your home. Almost.

Backmate in action

What Does the Backmate do?

Well, the Backmate is designed to give instant relief from neck and back pains, tension headaches, stress, and muscle soreness. It sets up in seconds and allows you to massage any part of your body. The Backmate provides a wide range of benefits.

  • It alleviates pain, muscle spasms, knots, and tight muscles.
  • Improves mobility and range of motion.
  • Increases circulation for faster muscle recovery and soft tissue health.
  • Helps to reduce inflammation.
  • Promotes neuromuscular system activation.
  • Aids headache and muscle tension relief.
  • It down-regulates the nervous system for tangible stress relief.

Clearly, the Backmate is something that many households will benefit from.

Backmate for back pain

How Does the Backmate Help?

Actually, the benefits of this tool go beyond just pain alleviation to improving your total wellbeing. Here are some advantages of using the Backmate.

Sleep Better with the Backmate

Now, have you ever suffered from sleepless nights due to pain? We all know how much lack of sleep impacts negatively on our health. With the Backmate, you can now sleep better after a few minutes of massage.

Increase Mobility and Circulation

Naturally, one of the effects of pain is lack of mobility. Without mobility, circulation is affected. After only two minutes with the Backmate, you will experience increased mobility and circulation.

Soothing Backmate

Faster Recovery

Also, one of the benefits of massage therapy is that it speeds recovery and promotes soft tissue and muscle health. And it helps to prevent injuries by making muscle tissue more resilient.

The Backmate Helps to Reduce Cortisol and Increase Dopamine

Again, another benefit of daily massage is that it reduces stress hormones. The Backmate helps you to find and release the exact areas you’re storing stress. This cuts down your stress levels and helps you feel more relaxed every day.

How Does the Backmate Work?

Actually, that’s one the beauty of the Backmate, it’s so easy to use. You don’t even need someone else to apply pressure, you can do that all by yourself. The Backmate lets you use your body weight to apply the perfect amount of pressure, no need to use your hands! It works in four simple steps.

  • Step 1: Place in the doorway and rotate the massage head to the desired position.
  • Step 2: Close the handle to lock the bar into place.
  • Step 3: Rotate the massage balls so they’re in the perfect position for you.
  • Step 4: Lean back and enjoy.
Backmate founder story

The Story Behind the Backmate

Interestingly, the story of how the Backmate came to be is an amazing one. This is a product that was borne out of the pain and devastation of the founder, Eric Bostrom. A motorcycle racer, he suffered a traumatic spine injury, which put his life on hold. Suffering from relentless neck and back pain, he tried everything and nothing seemed to work.

Unwilling to give up, he took matters into his hands and developed The Backmate Self-Massage device. This helped him find pain relief so that he could come back stronger than ever. Along with his co-founder, Dustin Bouch, they launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring this device to the market.

Clearly, it has not been an easy ride and the journey has been a long one. This is definitely one device that is sure to revolutionize pain management. Find out more about them and how you can get your hands on one of these babies.

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