Black Ink Coffee Company Wants to Keep You in Coffee Year Round

Black Ink Coffee Company - veteran-owned

What if there was a subscription plan that would keep you in coffee all year round? And supposing you are able to support veterans in the process? Black Ink Coffee Company is a veteran owned coffee roasting company that lets you do just that.

Basically, if you are a coffee drinker, then drinking Black Ink coffee gives you several more reasons to drink coffee.

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The Story Behind the Black Ink Coffee Company

Actually, this product has a really lovely story behind it. It was born out of a desire to give back. Black Ink Coffee Company is owned by a veteran and came from the coffee care packs he received while deployed. The joy they evoked was so strong that he decided that he needed to spread the same feeling to other veterans.

The care packs made all the difference because they reminded him of home. To the founder of this coffee company, coffee represented a taste of home.

This story is poignant because there are many brave men and women out there. People who put their lives on the line in order to protect the United States of America and its citizens. Their selfless service cannot be repaid, however, we owe a duty to spread joy to their lives whenever we can. And that’s what this coffee company is doing.

Black Ink Coffee Company

What We Like About This Coffee Company

There are several things that stand out about this coffee roasting outfit.

It is Veteran Owned

First of which is the fact that it is veteran owned. We all know the stats about veterans who suffer from PTSD and have trouble integrating back in society. They have seen combat and been exposed to life-threatening experiences. This impacts heavily on them and they suffer from trauma long after they’ve left the frontlines.

So, this business means a lot to the veteran community and it should mean a lot to everyone as well. It is set to create opportunities for a number of veterans. When you buy Blank Ink, you are not just buying coffee but also supporting other veteran-owned businesses.

Fairtrade Coffee

Secondly, it’s Fairtrade coffee. Most of the world’s coffee comes from poor nations. People who struggle to survive on less than $2 a day. With the amount of coffee that is consumed in the world, that seems a strange figure. You would not be wrong to expect that coffee farmers should be prosperous.

However, this isn’t the case as middle-men often profiteer from them, leaving the farmers as poor as they met them. The answer to this problem is fair trade, which makes it possible to deal directly with the farmers. This article on fair trade coffee explains things a bit better.

Sustainable and Environmental Friendly

Thirdly, since they only use biodegradable products, it means that the carbon footprint is greatly reduced. This is all part of their desire to promote sustainable living.

Black Ink Coffee Company - veteran-owned

The subscription Plans

Fourthly, the thought of creating subscription plans for coffee is a brilliant one. The plans are flexible, allowing you to subscribe for coffee either monthly or yearly. This means that you can have coffee delivered to you all year round. This alone is enough to make Black Ink Coffee Company a win in our estimation.

Finally, if you are looking for a cheaper, better tasting option then this coffee is just what you need. And if you love the idea of getting your supply of coffee all year round, then you definitely will love this single roast coffee company in Maine.

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Find out more about them and if you would like to support their fundraising drive, click here.

Name: Black Ink Coffee Company
Location: Portland, Maine
Industry: F&B

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