Equilibric is Much More than Just a Colander

What is so special about a colander, you might wonder? We feature lots of great products here, why a colander? The thought crossed our minds as well when we came across Equilibric. Though a colander sounds a bit on the mundane side, there’s nothing mundane about the water saving colander from Equilibric.

Equilibric colander in action

Also, if you have ever lost a freshly cleaned vegetable or fruit AFTER you’ve already cleaned it, then you’ll appreciate this. With the 3 in 1 water saving colander, you no longer need to worry about that. The best part is, you get to save your fruits and vegetables from falling into the sink as well as water.

The Equilibric Colander Saves Water

Now, if you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know that we’re big on water saving products. Anything that saves water is a big hit with us. With the Equilibric colander, you use less water to wash your fruits and veggies.

In fact, you use the Equilibric colander, you’re actually reducing the amount of water you use by 60%. The benefits are dual. Your food does not fall into the sink and you get to save water.

Equilibric colander design

About the Design

Interestingly, the design of the Equilibric colander is a great part of what makes it unique. This is actually what makes it more than just a colander. It has a special ergonomic design that keeps vegetables upright and safe as the water bowl drains the water away. Say goodbye to spillage with this innovative design.

But, beyond functionality is the lovely esthetic beauty. There’s just something about a great looking product that makes you eager to use it. And, we can tell already that whoever gets one of these will really enjoying using it. It’s that beautiful.

Equilibric colander fun

Functional Advantages of the Equilibric Colander

Basically, you don’t have to worry about losing already washed veggies and fruits to the sink. But there’s more.

Low water consumption.Yes, we have mentioned that this colander helps you save water but let’s drive it home. If you’re using a regular colander, you’ll probably use about 20 liters of water. With an Equilibric colander, you’re talking barely 10 liters. That is some amazing water saving there.

Wash fruits and vegetables quickly. It figures that if you don’t have to waste time chasing after runaway fruits and veggies, you’ll spend less time washing. So this colander actually saves time.

the Equilibric colander

Proper rinse and wash. The design is such that you get to properly rinse and wash your fruits and vegetables.

No leaks and water pools. Say goodbye to puddles and annoying water pools.

Incredible Versatility. You can drain the excess water and serve your vegetables in the same dish. It makes a great serving dish so you don’t need to worry about using several dishes. The Equilibric colander is also a pretty serving dish. It is handy and versatile. We like that.

Equilibric colander

What we like

Actually, we like everything. Did we mention that you can also use this for grains and pasta? That was the winning factor for some folks on our team.

Additionally, you can use it to defrost stuff at room temperature without leaving a huge mess all over the counter.

Finally, the Equilibric colander is the creation of a husband and wife team; Ann and Tim, along with their co-founder, Sabina. Like all great inventions, they needed a certain kind of colander and there was none. So, they made it. Yes, it isn’t as simple as that and took a couple of years (and several designs) to bring it to life. But, they made it work, somehow. They have so many amazing plans for the future. Find out more here.

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