L’Eric Briefcase: The Minimalist Briefcase That Does So Much

L'Eric briefcase black brown

Sometimes you just want to go retro a bit and hold on to a briefcase. But, the vintage briefcases are a bit bulky and well…vintage. That’s where the L’Eric briefcase comes in. It’s everything the vintage briefcase is, including classy, and more.

Actually, it’s so much more.

L'eric briefcase

L’Eric Briefcase is modern and functional

One thing you’re going to love about the L’Eric briefcase is how classy it is. The minimalist design and high-grade PU leather materials lend it an elegance that is missing in lots of briefcases.

Another feature that is drool-worthy is the way it opens at the center, giving you access to everything at once. Then, instead of the way you just sort of dump things into a traditional briefcase, the L’Eric briefcase offers more.

L'Eric briefcase easy to use

Amazingly, there are several pockets and compartments that make it easy to get everything organized. So, you can slip in your laptop, tablet, phone or anything else you need to carry with you.

Features of the L’Eric Briefcase

So, we’ve mentioned a couple of features, but there are much more. Here are the features of the L’Eric briefcase as set out on the product page.

L'Eric briefcase black brown
  • Open in the center and easy access to every piece of gadgets  
  • Standalone flannel compartment for up to 15-inch laptop
  • Quality guaranteed SBS zipper for smoother sliding, flannel zipper tape preventing your laptop from scratches
  • Metal components delicately designed for injection molding, processed by black matte plating
  • Nice-to-touch and water repellent surface. Stretchable, scratch resistant
  •  Handles replaceable to extend life cycles
L'eric briefcase

Stuff we like

Well, it’s pretty obvious that we like the L’Eric briefcase. We particularly like the fact that it is homegrown, created by a US-based startup, L’Eric. It is a briefcase for the modern and stylish professional, and we can definitely get behind that.

Beyond that, we like the two-strap feature. Basically, you can grab the handle and go, but if you need to hang it over your shoulder, you can. Each bag comes with an additional shoulder strap

L'Eric Travel bag
L’Eric travel bag – an added bonus

Again, the L’Eric briefcase is strong and durable, but also lightweight. So it’s not going to add any additional weight when you carry it. There’s the fact that it has a zippered compartment which is perfect for laptops. Yet, you can easily and quickly access whatever you need to.

Finally, this briefcase has a water-resistant surface. So, if you’re caught in the rain, you’re covered.

L’Eric Travel Bag

So, good things come in twos, right? Or they should, anyway. The creators of L’Eric decided to use the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter to launch their briefcase. This was not just to raise funds, but also to see if there was a market for their product.

leric travel bag 2

And, boy there was. In very little time, they had raised the needed funds to go to production. One of the incentives they offered was the L’Eric travel bag. It’s cute, soft to touch and a total lifestyle product. It’s something anyone would want to flaunt.

To conclude, the Kickstarter campaign still has a few days to go. This means that you can get your L’Eric briefcase at a discounted price. Check here to find out more.

Name: L’Eric Briefcase
Industry: Product Design
Location: California

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