Magnetie: The Tie That’s Changing the Way We See Ties


The magnetie. Because there are times when you need to wear a tie but, thanks to this startup, boring ties are done. When you think about startups and innovations, a tie is not what comes to mind. Honestly, what’s there to innovate in a boring old tie, not a lot right?

Apparently, the guys at Corso didn’t think so. They created a tie that’s nothing like what your grandfather used to wear. Not only is it stylish, but it is also actually something that’s new in the market. We can bet you carrot sticks that you’ve never seen this sort of tie anywhere else.

Seriously, the Corso Magnetie is fresh, sleek, fashionable and uses tech. In short, the perfect tie for Generations Y and Z.

The Magnetie by corso

Corso Magnetie Features

So, what exactly is so special about the Corso Magnetie? Let’s count the ways.

  • patterns designed by former Nike designer
  • Stain-proof DWR coating
  • Pure silk
  • Reversible patterns (gives you 2 ties for the price of 1)
  • Invisible built-in tie tack (to keep your tie in place)

Who is the Corso Magnetie For?

Let’s be honest, wearing a tie isn’t for everyone. We get it. However, there are times when you will need to wear a tie. Like when you’re having dinner with the girl’s parents. Or, if you need to have lunch with potential investors. Either way, having a tie that doesn’t make you miserable while wearing it is definitely a plus.

That said, who (apart from almost everyone) will benefit the most from having the Corso Magnetie?

Corso Magnetie

Fashion-forward guys

If looking stylish is an important part of your daily routine, then you’ll love this tie. While the wrong tie can cramp your style, the different patterns on this one will move you to the front row. You can look both professional and stylish with this tie.

Have trouble keeping ties straight

Yes, this is totally a thing. The Corso Magnetie is perfect if you’re tired of skewered ties that can’t decide which way to stay. It has inbuilt magnetic tacks to keep your tie exactly where you want it.

Tired of same old boring ties

So, the tie game has changed in recent years. There are lots of trendy ties out there. But, if you’re looking for something edgy, this is it. The Corso Magnetie gives you room to stamp your personality. It’s reversible pattern also gives you a choice, which is huge.

Corso Magnetie

Who are The Folks Behind The Corso Magnetie

Interestingly, we were curious about the people who thought up this concept. If you also want to know a bit about them, you’re not alone. It takes a really creative mind to think up something like the Corso Magnetie.

Now, the folks at Corso are a group of ‘busy professionals’ (their words). So it isn’t surprising that they creating cutting edge accessories for the busy professional. They understand what it’s like to be stuck with what amounts to Hobson’s choice.

Take the Magnetie, it was designed by a former Nike designer. So you have form and function perfectly displayed. That seems to be the core of Corso’s philosophy. They work in several industries in Utah and California.

corso logo - makers of the magnetie

There’s no doubt, The Corso Magnetie is a game changer. We are glad to witness the growth of the Corso brand. If you would like to preorder the Magnetie, visit their Kickstarter campaign page. It’s discounted, for now.

Name: The Magnetie by Corso
Industry: Product Design/Fashion
Location: California & Utah

The owner of

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