Mosi Tea Infuser Lets You Brew Tea Anywhere

Mosi tea infuser bottle

What if you could brew your tea on the go and get to drink freshly brewed tea wherever you are? No, this does not involve a mat by the roadside and an ancient teapot. We’re talking about sleek, stylish and fuss-free. Mosi Tea Infuser is this and much more.

Now, if you are not a tea drinker, you might be wondering why anyone would want to brew tea on the go. But the number of tea drinkers in the world is astonishing, an amazing 273 billion liters of tea were drunk in 2018 alone. That’s a staggering amount of one substance to drink.

Mosi tea infuser

Also, more people are becoming more health-conscious and realizing the benefits of green tea. If you’re interested in heart health (among others), then taking up tea drinking (green tea) might be a good idea. In which case, the Mosi Tea Infuser is going to come in handy.

But, What is The Mosi Tea Infuser?

Well, it is described as a multisensory tea infuser that allows you to brew the perfect cup of tea anywhere. What this is though is something that looks like a glass water bottle, except that it is not a water bottle.

Furthermore, Mosi Tea Infuser is not made from glass, but from a substance known as Tritan™. This looks like glass but is tough enough to handle hot substances, making it shatterproof. With this tea infuser, you can brew a great cup of tea in no time and without any messy paraphernalia. They make it sound so simple, but is it really?

Mosi tea infuser sieve

How Exactly Does the Mosi Tea Infuser Work?

Interestingly, this tea infuser has three main parts. There’s the drinking cup, the silicone sieve, and the Tritan™ bottle. To make your refreshing cup of tea, simply add loose leaf tea to the sieve and secure it to the lid.

Next, add hot water, close the cap and turn it upside down so it steeps for the required time. Then, flip it back over, and sip your tea. It really is that simple!

Features of Mosi Tea Infuser

Clearly, the beauty of this tea infuser is its simplicity. There’s nothing as awesome as making a complex process simple. Not that brewing tea is complex. But let’s say you have a busy day and you want to go through a detox, what then? With Mosi Tea Infuser, brewing and drinking your tea is a breeze. Here are some features that make this possible.

Mosi tea infuser drink

Shatter Proof and Heat Resistant

Obviously, this is one feature that will appeal to many. It goes to the esthetics of the product as well. The bottle looks really nice as it not only looks like but also feels like glass. This gives it a certain elegance that is stylish and trendy. Then to think that it’s also shatterproof and heat resistant is the icing on an already tasty cake.

Therefore, if you are particularly clumsy and tend to break stuff, then the Mosi Tea Infuser will be perfect for you. The fact that it can take really hot water without shattering (like glass would), only adds to the appeal.

Intuitive Drinking Cup

Furthermore, the drinking cup is another interesting feature of this tea infuser. It has a patent-pending, multisensory design with the mouthpiece shaped like a teacup. It includes tiny holes as well, which let the drinker experience chemosensation. This means you can taste and smell your tea at the same time, which enhances the experience.

Mosi tea infuser green tea

Awesome Matcha Sieve Add-on

Okay, this is an add-on we could not ignore. Matcha is hot right now, totally trending among the health-conscious and vegan community. And, the Mosi Tea Infuser has a fantastic Matcha sieve as an add-on. It is a special sieve that takes inspiration from a Japanese matcha whisk. It is easy to fit in place, then you can add your matcha powder to your Mosi. Add hot water, shake and voila! It’s ready to drink.

Other Features of the Mosi Tea Infuser

  • The silicone sieve means that it’s easy to wash, unlike mesh sieves.
  • Also, the cap is leak proof so you can slip your Mosi Tea into your purse (if it’s large enough).
  • Convenient flip top
  • Loop handle makes it easy to carry
  • And, it has double wall insulation to keep your tea hot or cold for a long time.
  • Slip-free
  • Condensation-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cup holder friendly
Mosi tea infuser logo

The Mosi Tea Story

Finally, the story behind this tea infuser is an interesting one. It was created by an American who grew up in Africa, where tea is a way of life. Relationships were built over several cups of tea. Although he now lives in the USA, he wanted to take that feeling with him wherever he went. To do that, he created the Mosi Tea Infuser, which was launched on Kickstarter and has close to 5,000 backers. It is clear that this is one product that people need. Find out more about them here.

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