Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce: Ethnic Goodness on Your Table

Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce

Shruthi Bharathur created Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce to spice up your taste buds. Like all good chili, she made this to meet an immediate need. Which was, the need to feed her hungry boys.

The chili was an instant hit with her boys. In addition, everyone who tasted it, liked the chili. This encouraged Shruthi and her team to create her line of hot sauces.

Exploring Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce

Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce is made from a unique blend of ingredients. By the way, Oye Mirch means ‘Hello Chili’. This line of hot sauces is inspired by Shruthi’s South-Asian heritage. She learned the art of making mouth-watering dishes from a long line of South Indian women.

After living in California for twenty years, she has been able to create a delicious mix. As such, her products bring the best of the East and matches them with the best of the West.

Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce
Tomato Chili

Therefore, you have spices and chili, condiments and different ingredients. These are all mixed together to create the ultimate culinary experience that is Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce.

Let’s Meet Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce

There are three hot sauces for now. We have no idea if they plan to introduce more. However, these three all have their own distinct flavors. So, choose from any of these (or all three sauces) to get your taste buds activated.

Here are the three Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce flavors below:

  • Tomato Chili: This delicious yin and yang of a sauce is great for grilled meats, hot wings or vegan cauli. It is incredibly versatile. Thus, if you are not sure which hot sauce to try first, then try this.
  • Mango Chili: Great for tacos, seafood or as a salad dressing, the mango chili is sweet and spicy. Makes you think of a warm tropical beach.
  • Peanut Chili: This chili has a more ethnic zing to it. So, it is great for your home-made Thai food, egg rolls or as a dip for dumplings.
Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce
Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce ~ Peanut Chili

If you are a foodie and you love spicy food, then Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce is definitely for you. It is great for those that like to carry their own chili around. But, it is also perfect for your homemade meals. We get this feeling that after a while, it might become a staple on your kitchen shelf.

What we like about Oye Mirch Hot Sauce

There are several things we like about this hot sauce. First, we really like the product design and packaging. The bottles are nice to look at, the design fresh and bright. Almost like they are calling out to you, just daring you to try one.

Second, Shruthi makes each batch from ingredients that are fresh and sourced locally. This is a huge plus for Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce. As such, not only are they making delicious chili, they are also contributing to the local economy. This is sustainable living at its best.

Finally, Oye! Mirch is made in the US.

This startup is part of several startups that are doing great in the US. Several others, like Shruthi and her team are following their dreams and creating value.

Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce
Mango Chili

Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their business. Happily, their campaign was super successful. They launched the project on January 8, 2019 and by February 7, 2019, they raised $12,699.

If you would like to know more about Shruthi and her team, visit their Kickstarter page.

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