Polar Popcorn, Treating You to Something Sweet

polar popcorn with skittles

The Polar Popcorn is a new kind of treat that is just waiting to hit your homes. Created by the maker of the Jelly Belly, this treat is a unique mix of flavors and ingredients. It is described as A Freeze and Eat Treat™.

And, is made up of puffy popcorn kernels coated in caramel and ice cream/birthday cake flavor; topped with sprinkles.

Interestingly, the Polar Popcorn is a startup from someone who has had several successful (and not so successful) businesses. Coming from someone who created the popular Jelly Belly and then sold it off 4 years later, this is bound to be an interesting one.

polar popcorn

But What Exactly is the Polar Popcorn?

To be honest, it’s a bit hard to say what it is exactly because there is no reference point for this treat. We could say that it’s like popcorn, but that would be wrong.

Again, we could call it a sort of ice cream, but that won’t be right either. It’s as we’ve said, describing this thing is not easy.

However, that’s not exactly a bad thing. It just means that the Candyman (as the creator likes to be called), has created something new. It’s like he has disrupted the candy industry, and though that might be stretching it a little, it seems apt.

polar popcorn with skittles

So, the right question should be: what is in the Polar Popcorn?

  • Well, there’s popcorn obviously.
  • Then, caramel.
  • Ice cream in birthday cake flavor (super yum!)
  • Sprinkles toppings

So, all these put together will definitely make a great tasting treat. At least, that’s what the Candyman says.

Who is the Candyman?

The Candyman is none other than David Klein. In 1976, he came up with the idea for the Jelly Belly jelly bean and manufactured it. It was a startup idea that was successful for several reasons.

Also, it was a new concept, very different from the usual jelly beans. What’s more, the entire thing was bootstrapped.

Although he sold that business, he continued to work in the confection industry.

Years after, he’s come up with what looks like another hit treat, the Polar Popcorn. But, just like it was with the Jelly Belly, he’s operating with limited funds. Which is why he decided to go to Kickstarter.

The Polar Popcorn on Kickstarter

David Klein has gone to the crowdfunding site to raise funds for the production of the Polar Popcorn. Popcorn is a popular snack; it is one of the most popular snacks in the United States.

And, we don’t see that changing anytime soon. Also, this confection of popcorn, caramel and ice cream is one that’s promises to be a hit.

So, if you would like to sample the Polar Popcorn, then go over to Kickstarter and support their campaign. For $20, you can get 5 bags of Polar Popcorn.

polar popcorn logo

To conclude, it takes a lot to go after your dreams. David Klein has been in the business for such a long time and he’s clearly passionate about what he does. If there’s one thing we can learn from him, it’s that any time is a good time to follow your passion.

Kickstarter campaign page.

Name: The Polar Popcorn
Location: Florida
Industry: Food

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