REFYNE EP1, The Lightweight Minimalist EDC Pen

REFYNE EP1 both pens

Upgrade your pen game with the new REFYNE EP1, an EDC titanium bolt action pen. Whether you are a pen collector, or you just like your pen to be functional and beautiful, this will appeal. The sleek and classic design is created to appeal to the minimalist with an appreciation for functional style.

So, what exactly is EDC?

Well, the REFYNE EP1 is an EDC. And, EDC is short for Everyday Carry and it is used to describe those things you wouldn’t leave the house without (like a pen?). The website, does a bang-up job of explaining this.

REFYNE EP1 lifestyle

The everyday carry philosophy is built upon the cornerstones of utility and preparedness. Each component of your EDC should serve a purpose or have at least one specific, useful function. Every day, your EDC essentials prepare you for the worst and empower you to do your best.

Now, you’re probably wondering why this is relevant. Patience, and you’ll see where we’re going with this.

Features of the REFYNE EP1 Pen

So, the REFYNE EP1 pen is a great subject starter. Because it is so skillfully crafted and so elegant, you’re bound to get questions about it. There are many features that work together to make the REFYE EP1 pen so special.

REFYNE EP1 bolt action
  • The Sleek Design. The REFYNE EP1 is simple and elegant with a minimalist touch.
  • Made with Stainless steel and Titanium. You have a choice between the black stainless steel pen or the titanium one.
  • Sturdy. The pen looks strong enough sturdy, which is not surprising considering one is made from steel, while the other, titanium.
  • Easy flow. The REFYNE EP1 pen was designed around the Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 because of the way it writes. Need a pen that flows smooth and easy when you write? Check this one out.
  • Bolt action mechanism. There’s this cute little bolt action mechanism designed to open and close the pen quickly. With a simple flick of your finger, you’re ready to write.
  • Detachable clip. The REFYNE EP1 can sit nicely in your pocket with the clip, or not. Totally your choice.
REFYNE EP1 silver

What We Like About TheREFYNE EP1

Although the design itself is unique, you are not limited in choices when it comes to the refill. You can easily swap out to several other options because this pen works with any standard Parker refill. This means that along with the elegant and streamlined shape of the REFYNE EP1 pen, you also get variety. What’s not to like.

Also, with the REFYNE EP1 you get to choose between stainless steel (in black) and titanium. Actually, you don’t even have to choose as you can go right ahead and order both.

REFYNE EP1 black

To Conclude

The REFYNE EP1 pen is easy to carry and easy to use. The easy flow of the pen means that you’re always prepared whenever you need to use one. This definitely cues into the philosophy that an EDC empowers you to be your best. This pen falls under the category of essentials.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones who think so. The REFYNE team launched their Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds to produce this pen. So far, they have gone beyond their expectations. If you would like to find out more or preorder, visit the campaign page.

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