Shield Backpack Protects Your Stuff When You Travel

Shield backpack

Shield backpack by Jerrybag is changing the way we travel. And in the process, changing the lives of Ugandan children.

Damaged equipment is frustrating and can set you back several days. However, a backpack that protects your stuff makes all the difference..

For the digital nomad, traveling with a laptop, some cameras and a few other equipment are the norm. However, nothing is as frustrating as arriving at your destination only to find out that your stuff has been damaged.

Shield backpack is putting an end to all that.

Shield backpack travel

About Shield Backpack

Shield backpack is the world’s only polycarbonate backpack. To break it down, it is hardcover backpack. It is so strong that it protects your equipment from damage.

To be clear, we are not talking about laptops and cameras alone. Shield backpack protects cosmetic containers when you travel. This is great news for makeup artists.

This is a travel backpack that is strong, sturdy and stylish. In addition, it has interior dividers. These can be used to store different equipment. Then, there is a separate mesh compartment. If you have small electronic devices, this compartment is perfect.

It is great for long and short distance travel. And it comes with different heights that makes it perfect for men and women.

Some additional features of Shied backpack include:

  • A shoe storage compartment
  • An easy top pocket for your passports and wallets
  • A strap pocket to easily store your Card
  • A chest belt for added comfort and stability
Shield backpack for travel

Jerrybag, Makers of Shield Backpack

Jerrybag Inc. designed the Shield backpack. Jerrybag is a startup that has been making bags and accessories since 2014.

Jerrybag is a social business with a cause. They have a goal to create “Designs for A Better Life!”  

Jerrybag has made backpacks to support children in Uganda. These are children who store water in jerry cans, then carry them home daily. With this in mind, they designed their Kickstarter campaign with BUY 1 GIVE 1 cause.

The purpose of this was to support the labor costs of local women. In addition, it would help to make one bag for Ugandan children.

jerrybag and Shield backpack social impact

The founder of Jerrybag Inc. stated that he began the startup so that he could support vulnerable communities in Uganda.

Furthermore, he wanted people to know about their mission. And he hoped that their Kickstarter campaign would help spread the word. This was a success.

In all honesty, this we would like to see more startups like this.

What inspired the Shield backpack?

According to their kickstarter page, the jerry can inspired this backpack design. The jerry can is a thin plastic container that was also an inspiration for their logo as well.

Shield backpack inspired by jerry cans

Who needs the Shield backpack?

Shield backpack is for everyone who needs a protective case when traveling. The Shield backpack is for everyone, including the following:

  • Digital nomads
  • Photographers
  • vloggers
  • Bloggers
  • Makeup artists
  • It is for anyone who needs a sturdy backpack that is unbreakable.

Shield Backpack Kickstarter Campaign

The creators of Shield backpack needed to rasie funds. So they decided to go to Kickstarter. Their goal was to raise $5,000 dollars to finish development and produce the first batch. What happened though, was something different.

Shield backpack balloon experiment

They launched their kickstarter project on December 18, 2018. But by January 23, 2019, they had raised $19,133 dollars. This, just a little over a month after they launched.

By the way, these could have been as a result of their special campaign. They had a BUY 1 GIVE 1 campaign to support local Ugandan children.

The Shield backpack will be deli at the end of April, 2019.

Jerrybag Inc., is in Newport Beach, California. You can get in touch with them through their website,

shield backpack logo

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