Smart Wireless Headphones Could Save Your Life

Smart Wireless Headphones

HB-V70 Smart wireless headphones can save lives.

Whether you are a busy mom or you just want to ride your bike to work, we all use earphones. However, a 2012 study showed that too many people were either injured or dead as a result.

This is why the smart wireless headphones from DJ Direct are so important.

Smart Wireless Headphones with ANC

A 2012 study showed that the number of deaths related to headphones had gone up. This is mostly because headphones cancel noise. They cover the ears. So that when you are wearing one, you have no idea what is going on around you.

Clearly, they can be dangerous. Particularly if you are a pedestrian.

Beyond that, they can be an inconvenience to people who are trying to get your attention.

In order to solve this problem, these wireless headphones were created.

How the Smart Wireless Headphones Work

Good quality headphones allow you to focus on the music without interruption. The problem with them though, is that they cancel out noise.

On the other hand, headphones that let you hear what is going on are usually poor quality. This is where the HB-V70 is different.

HB-V70 Smart Wireless Headphones

Smart wireless headphones give you top quality sound. But also let you hear what is going around you. Because they are multifunctional, you can switch to the mode you want. Anytime you want.

It protects your safety and enhances your listening experience. And it does this by using Open Ear Technology (OEC).

HB-V70 smart wireless headphones do not just use OEC however. They also use of Active Noise Cancelling (ANC).

Therefore, you can control the way you listen to music. If you are in a place where you need to be aware of your surroundings, then you use OEC.

OEC technology uses external microphones to capture ambient sounds. Then it plays the sounds back to the internal speakers. Of course, it’s more complicated than that, but you get the idea.

However, you can also use it in a safe place where you can focus on just the music.

Smart Wireless Headphones

HB-V70 Smart Wireless Headphones Benefits

If you love to listen to music on the go, then you already know the benefits some of which include:

  • Prevent safety accidents
  • Remove ambient noise
  • Tune it up the sound for your ears
  • Touch & Slide operation
  • Just take it on/off to play/stop music  

The smart wireless headphones are a great way to stay safe. The Open Ear Control lets you hear warnings from vehicles. And if people need to get your attention, you don’t miss that either.

Features We Like

We really like the fact that the HB-V70 smart wireless headphones are motion sensitive. So you don’t need to stop or resume audio playback. Because, there is a sensor that recognizes when you wear the headphones or take them off.

When you take them off, the music automatically pauses. And when they are back in place, the music resumes.

This is a really clever feature.

Smart wireless headphones DJ Direct

Taking HB-V70 Smart Wireless Headphones to Kickstarter

DJ Direct Inc. is a New Jersey company. They created HB-V70 smart wireless headphones because they saw a void. They also saw that safety was a big problem for headphone users.

The creators went to Kickstarter with their campaign to test the market. They knew that they had a good product, but they also needed to know if the market was right.

They needed $15,000 dollars to produce the smart wireless headphones, but they raised much more than that.

The number of backers they got on Kickstarter said only one thing:

The market was ready for HB-V70 smart wireless headphones.

According to their timeline, each backer should get the HB-V70 by April, 2019.

Find out more about DJ Direct. You can also check out the smart wireless headphones here.

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