Snack Startup Quevos Is Taking The Snack World By Storm

Quevos is a healthy snack brand that is taking the salty snack industry by storm. Unlike most salty snacks such as tortillas, chips, and pretzels, this one is made from an egg white base. The high-protein, low-carb snack is not just a healthy option to snacking, it satisfies the craving for a crunchy bite of chips. While there might be lots of tasty healthy snacks out there, there’s none quite like Quevos.

Quevos egg white based snack

The Quevos Story

Interestingly, the Quevos story is almost like the urban legend which is the American startup. A couple of college dropouts in the great American garage. Only, this was not a garage and they did not drop out of college, at first.

So, the story begins with one of the co-founders, Zack who is a type 1 diabetic. In the process of making an egg white omelet for himself, he stumbled upon what would later be Quevos. Excited by the possibilities, he called his best friend. Together, they embarked on the journey that’s led to an amazing snack startup company.

Quevos egg white chips

What Exactly is Quevos

By now, you’re probably wondering what Quevos is all about. It is clearly a snack and has something to do with egg whites. But, what exactly is it?

Well, Quevos is an egg-based snack that tastes like chips. It is dairy-free, gluten-free and high in fiber. It is a healthy snack that actually tastes like chips but doesn’t have the nutritional weakness that most chips have. This is free of artificial ingredients, unhealthy fats and starch from sources like white flour and potatoes. Best of all, it is not fried.

In addition, Quevos packed twice as much protein and fiber into each serving than most conventional chips. There’s fat, but from sources like avocado oil and chia seeds. Quevos flavors include:

  • Quevos rancheros
  • Sour cream and onion
  • Sweet barbecue
  • Cheddar flavor

Is Quevos just another Ketogenic snack then?

So, this is a really good question. The ketogenic diet with its high protein, low carb content has become a global craze in recent years. So it makes sense to wonder if Quevos is jumping on the bandwagon. Anyone on the keto diet will enjoy Quevos, but the founders were careful not to brand themselves a keto company.

“Keto’s popularity will increase, but we have been careful not to label ourselves as a keto brand. [Just in case] the dietary trend goes away, there is still a place for us in the market,” Schreier said.

Quevos founders
Quevos founders

About Quevos

Though we mentioned earlier that the founders were college students, they did drop out eventually. But, this was after developing the product, going through an incubator (and winning the prize money), then getting seed funding. Their first batch was completely sold out. That’s when they decided that they needed to go big or go home.

Seriously, the Quevos team decided to run a campaign to supply whole foods in the US. They’ve added two new flavors to their original duo and repackaged their product.

Finally, there’s no doubt that Quevos is here to stay. Their Kickstarter campaign was fully funded in just 2 hours, with a lot of demand coming from outside the US. This is a startup that is homegrown. According to Shreier, “We need people to be drawn in when they see our packaging. We also believe in-store demos are an important strategy to gain more attention to our brand. That’s something we’ll continue to do in the future.” Find out more here.

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