Squegg: This Startup is Helping You Build Grip Strength

Squegg smart squeeze ball

A strong grip is important for lots of things. Stuff like holding grocery bags or playing tennis. And Squegg, created by a Fort Lauderdale startup is exactly what you need to improve your grip strength.

A grip strength training ball is probably not new to most people. There are dozens out there. Besides, any good gym instructor can set you up with one. So then, why are people going crazy over the Squegg?

The answer is, the Squegg is different. It is totally like nothing you would expect from a squeeze ball. And we are not just talking about the shape. It is much more than that.

Squegg squeeze ba

What is Squegg

The creators of this squeeze ball describe it as a unique, bluetooth-enabled smart squeeze ball. In particular, it is designed to help you improve your grip strength and relieve stress. 

And that is the difference.

The Squegg is not just a squeeze ball, it is a smart and Bluetooth enabled. Made with high-tech sensors wrapped in silicone, it is a remarkably accurate tool. Beyond, it is light and portable, which allows you to carry it anywhere and everywhere.

squegg at work

In addition, it is a smart squeeze ball that comes with an app that lets you measure your grip strength. So you can create a benchmark and track your progress using the app. As a result, you don’t just spend time building your grip strength, you get to see your progress in real time.

In short, when you order a Squegg ball, you also get the app which comes with interactive games. These make it fun to use. In addition, you can play the games online with your friends.

Squegg for tired hands

Squegg Benefits

The benefits of this little device are evident. Apart from the helping you build grip strength, they are also great for people with lots of nervous energy. In short, if you need to do something with your hands when you are nervous, get a squegg.

The creators of the Squegg have listed some benefits, and here they are below:

– Helps stimulate and improve blood circulation

– Helps relieve stress

– Perfect for therapy and rehabilitation

– Improves overall hand health

– Makes you feel better

more squegg

The design is aesthetically pleasing. The fact that it is portable is also a plus. In particular, it fits into your pocket and goes along with you wherever you go. So if you run into a stressful moment, just grab your Squegg and squeeze. It’s easy to see how that could come in handy.

The People Behind Squegg

Squegg was created by a team right here in the US. Roshy Rajan and Saket Gunjan are college friends who are co-founders of a US based company. They teamed up to create Squegg and their mission is “to help people add fun to fitness.”

They launched a Kickstarter project to raise funds for Squegg. The project kicked off on January 9, 2019 barely a month later, they had surpassed their goal. In short, with just a little over 70 hours to go on their kickstarter project, the Squegg team have raised over $20,000USD.

This is remarkable, but it is also evidence of how a carefully crafted product can be successful. It is easy to think of the Squegg team as an overnight success. On the contrary, it took them over a year from idea to Kickstarter launch.

squegg working

One thing most successful products have in common is the length of time it takes to go from idea to launch. A good product requires returning to the design table more times than one would expect. And that’s okay.

This is one startup that is definitely worth following. If you would like to learn more about Squegg, you can visit their Kickstarter page.

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