SuperFat is Changing the Way We Think About Food

SuperFat Nut Butters

SuperFat is doing their best to make you eat more fat. But is that really a good thing? Read on to find out.

Recently, things changed in the food industry. More people are beginning to see that the best way to lose wight is to eat more fat. This is strange and seems counter-intuitive.

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But, it is backed by science. Even though we have been taught to believe that fat is bad, it really sin’t. In fact, if you take in good fats, it will speed up weight loss.

SuperFat – Amazing Nut Butters has discovered this secret and they want to share it with you.

If you are practising the ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting, you should try SuperFat – Amazing Nut Butters. Furthermore, these drinks are keto and vegan certified, which is great.

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What is SuperFat?

SuperFat nut butters are all natural and on a different league from any nut butter you know. The reason is this, their focus is on the fat. Here are some other reasons below.

First, it is an all-natural product. This means that there are no refined or processed carbohydrates in it.

Second, it is completely sugar free. Not even artificial sweeteners in it.

Third, it is filled with fat.

To summarize, these are nut butters that are filled with quality fats and are a healthy source of high-density energy.

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How is SuperFat Different?

To begin with, there are several nut butters on the market. However, there are several things that make SuperFat different.

We thought about this and we have concluded that there are a number of differences. To begin with, the drink is filled with lost of fat. But, it is the sorf ot fat that is perfect if you are on a ketogenic diet. What is known as good fat.

Then, it is high in fiber and essential nutrients. Next, If you are struggling with losing weight, then think SuperFat. Furthermore, there are five different flavors namely,

  • Original Macadamia Almond.
  • Protein (Macadamia & almond nut butter + plant protein).
  • MCT + Probiotic (Macadamia nut butter + probiotics & MCT powder).
  • Nitro Coffee + MCT (Macadamia & almond nut butter + coffee & MCT powder).
  • Cacao (Coconut, almond & macadamia nut butter + cacao).
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There’s something for everyone

What is more, this is one drink that is totally safe for pregnant women and nursing mums. To be honest, this seems like a huge selling factor. In particular, because expectant moms need to be careful about what they eat.

Above all, this product is made in the US and that is a huge plus for us here.

Finally, we really love the packaging. The design is lovely and the bottle is easy to carry and go.

SuperFat is out to revolutionize the food industry and we really think they are going to do it.

The SuperFat Kickstarter campaign has been successful in that they exceeded their goal. So far, they have 901 backers and have raised over $33,000 dollars. What’s more, the numbers keep getting higher almost every minute.

It is clear that there is a high demand for products like this. Furthermore, it is also evident that the fact that they made an effort to get certified is part of their success.

SuperFat keto certified

We like that they are particular about their product and the standard. Actually, the design alone is appealing, it makes you want to order a pack of SuperFat. It makes us think that maybe, these people really care about what they have put in the marketplace.

The people behind SuperFat

The SuperFat Team is in New York City. To be exact, they are in Corona, Queens. They are all health enthusiasts and are using their love for good fats to help people.

From reading their story, they had a desire to disrupt the market. While there were nut butters everywhere, there was nothing like SuperFat. They looked for a drink that was filled with good fat and super tasty, but could find none.

Therefore, they decided to craft a drink which was an on-demand energy drink yet, tasted really good. As a result, they created SuperFat nut butters.

On their page it says:

a convenient way to get the right balance of good fats and functional ingredients, moderate protein, and low net carbs

Their mission is to help people live healthier lives by reducing obesity and diabetes around the world.

No doubt, SuperFat has a big mission, but to make their dream a reality, they decided to go to Kickstarter. The crowdfunding platform has helped them to spread their message worldwide. Actually, it is amazing to watch how backers quickly rallied behind SuperFAt. Amazing and very inspiring.

SuperFat Protein

The creators of SuperFat are passionate about helping people. Not just in the US, but people all over the world. As a result, they have put in a lot of hard work and attention to detail in crafting this super drink.

As a matter of fact, the product speaks for itself.

It is true that when you look for a way to help others through your startup, your chances of success are higher. This is what the SuperFat Team have done and with great success too.

You can connect with the SuperFat Team through their kickstarter page. They also have a website, and you can reach them there.

So far, we have explored several amazing startups like SuperFat and they are all US based. Each one is backed by an amazing team of dedicated entrepreneurs.

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