SuperTank Power Bank Can Power Your Phone For A Week

We’ve all had experiences with power banks that are supposed to save us from dead batteries. Except, when we really needed them to work, they went and died on us. When you are on the go, it is really important to have a power bank that you can trust. One that won’t let you down. Something like the SuperTank.

Yes, it sounds like an ad for an insurance company. But if you’ve ever been let down by your power bank, you’ll understand. This is not just about charging your phones or your tab, it’s much more than that. It’s a power bank that can charge a laptop.

SuperTank Power bank by Zendure

True, there are power banks out there that can charge laptops. There is nothing new about that. However, the SuperTank gives your compatible laptop up to 13 hours of recharge.

The Guys Behind The SuperTank

The company that created the SuperTank is Zendure. It was founded by Tom Aflinger and Bryan Liu, two longtime buddies. And, they are on a mission to create the best consumer electronics out there. And it seems like they are gradually achieving their goal, one product at a time.

The SuperTank is the latest in their stable of elegantly designed products. Their first product was the A-Series external battery, which they launched on Kickstarter in 2013. Since then, they have launched Passport, a global travel adapter with an auto-resetting fuse. And now, they have brought the SuperTank to us.

What Is The SuperTank All About?

Simply put, SuperTank is a power bank for laptops, phones, and tablets. It has a maximum output of 138W, which means it can recharge your devices quickly. It works on a compatible MacBook Pro or any other laptop that is powered by a USB-C.

SuperTank powers your MacBook Pro

The SuperTank is very handy and convenient. If you are away from home, it means that you won’t have to search everywhere for an outlet. Simply plug in the power bank and you can work, play or stay connected with your device on the go.

What’s more, you can charge up to 4 devices at the same time. So, if you’re out of juice, just plug in your phone, tab, or laptop all at the same time. But, not just once. The SuperTank has enough power to recharge your phone up to 7 times, or more.

But, with all that the SuperTank can deliver, it should weigh a ton, right? Yet, it only weighs just 17oz (that’s 483g). Plus, the power bank itself can be fully recharged in about one hour. Even more, it can supply power to other devices while it is being recharged.

According to Bryan Liu, founder, and CEO of Zendure, SuperTank was created because of the needs of consumers. The one-hour recharge in particular, was vital for their product. “Travelers constantly get back to their hotel late at night and have to leave early in the morning. Between the quick refill capability and the pass-through charging technology, SuperTank is a true travel essential.”


What We Love About SuperTank

  • It’s light and easy to carry
  • It’s batteries last for a really long time
  • It can supply a laptop for up to 13 hours (that’s amazing).
  • It can recharge a phone up to 7 times
  • It can supply power while it’s being recharged
  • It can be recharged in one hour.

Truly, SuperTank is a product that anyone who travels will appreciate. When the campaign launched on Kickstarter, the support was massive. It took just one day to raise the funds they needed. It is clear that this is a product that will solve a lot of needs.

SuperTank power bank

Zendure is a US company in California. The Kickstarter campaign is still on and it’s a great chance to get SuperTank at a discounted price. Check them out here.

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