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If you have ever been put off from video blogging because of the hassle that comes with using different cameras, then all that is about to end. SwitchPod is a product that is definitely a game changer.

Created in San Diego, California, by Studio Jigawatt, SwitchPod is the first product from this startup. The team created this amazingly versatile and creative gadget that will make your life easier. That is if you are in the habit of filming yourself.

The product has had an amazing run on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform and has generated quite the stir.

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What is SwitchPod?

The creators describe SwitchPod as … well, actually they do not describe the little device as it pretty much describes itself.

Think of a cross between a tripod and a selfie-stick. One that does exactly what you want it to do with just a flick of your writs. Then you will have the SwitchPod.

It has some really cool features, such as the fact that it literally works with any camera. Even though it is quite small and portable, it is strong and durable and can carry a heavy camera.

It’s also easy to hold, easy to carry about and best of all, you can add a mic, LED light or a monitor for a full vlogging experience. But that’s not what is so amazing about SwitchPod.

The Incredible Kickstarter Launch

SwitchPod launched on Kickstarter on January 29, 2019. The goal was to achieve a pledge of $100,000 by March 30, 2019. Amazingly, just a week after it launched, it not only met the set goal, it surpassed it. At the time we are writing this, SwitchPod had received a pledge of $265,419.

This is an incredible feat and it shows clearly that the SwitchPod team designed and created a product for a hungry market.

Pat Flynn and Caleb Wocjik- the People Behind SwitchPod

If you have been in the online space for some time, it is difficult to have missed either Pat or Caleb.

Pat Flynn has been running Smart Passive Income for several years. This is a blog where carries out income experiments then shares the results.

Caleb Wojcik runs a video production company and teaches creators how to make better videos through his YouTube channel and online courses. 

Together they formed the Studio Jigawatt and released the SwitchPod. This is important because they did not just get together to create a product that they guessed people would need. They are players in this space and knew there was a felt need. So they designed a product any one of them would use.

Pat Flynn & Caleb Wocjik of SwitchPod
Pat Flynn & Caleb Wocjik

What the SwitchPod Can’t Do

This handheld tripod is great for taking videos of yourself on the go, but it does have some limitations. For instance, the legs don’t bend. But Pat and Caleb were deliberate about that.

Pat explained why that was the case in an update on the Kickstarter project page. “If you’re on the go quite a bit, travel with your camera and want to make switching from tripod mode to “vlogger/handheld” easy and simple, then this is perfect. That’s what we built it for.”

There is a lot of excitement about the SwitchPod, understandably. What excites us if the fact that there are startups in the US that are creating great products, which are in high demand.

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Following Through on a Dream

Pat and Caleb saw a need and they could easily explained away the need to do something about it. But they followed their guts and it has paid off in spades.

If there is one takeaway from this it is to never give up. Yes, that sounds trite, but think about it. They tried so many times and went through so many prototypes before they settled on the final product.

And it shows.

SwitchPod, created by Caleb Wocjik and Pat Flynn. Find out more here.

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