The BabyMaker App Helps You Have a Baby

The BabyMaker App helps people find the right baby-making match for them.

In fact, the BabyMaker will be set up like a swipe to match app. 

However, unlike other match apps, BabyMaker will require all users to go through a verification process and provide clear detail on what they are looking for. This will ensure that every single person on the app is legitimate. Their profile information will help you filter and search for the right person to make a baby with.

The BabyMaker app will feature two swipe modes: Date & Inseminate.

You can enter Date mode to date to find a co-parent or forever partner to raise children with.

You can enter Inseminate mode to skip the dating and get straight to inseminating. It’s a great option to become a single parent by choice or for couples who need help, without the high cost and hassle of a sperm bank.

Who is this app for?

BabyMaker is for adults who want to have & raise a child, either through the normal marriage route, co-parenting, or the single parent by choice path. BabyMaker is also for healthy men who want to help others have a child by donating sperm and for healthy women who are willing to surrogate.

Is BabyMaker free for everyone?

Swiping, searching, and chatting is free for all, but you may want to consider their VIP membership if you want to get even more features such as swipe history. These features are designed to help you meet the right person faster.

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