The Capsule Sandal: 100 Percent USA-Made Ethical Footwear

Sometimes, the perfect pair of shoes is only a click away. And, if you love vintage shoes, then you will love The Capsule Sandal by Milina Footwear. This is footwear that is made in America, with materials found here. That’s what makes The Capsule Sandal special.

But, it goes beyond that. These shoes are made from broken in leather, beautifully stained wood and have an ultra-feminine design. It’s like stepping back into the 70s with all the glamor and quality of design. The versatility of this sandals is unique…they go with practically any outfit.

Milina capsule sandal

Features of Milina Capsule Sandal

Now, there are lots of standout features. Things we find quite attractive about the Capsule sandal and we’ll mention some of them here.

Materials Used in Making the Sandal

Again, the Capsule sandal is made from soft buttery leather which is bound to feel fabulous on the skin. More than that though, it also uses reclaimed and beautifully stained wood. Definitely, things that make it unique.

The Design of the Sandal

Also, the design is another reason we like this sandal. It has wedge soles, which give it great balance on the ground. They are not too high and provide just enough lift for comfort and style.

Then, the way the toe is cut out just below the line of toes, giving it a stylish peep-toe opening. That is so beautifully done that anyone wearing this sandal will want to get a pedicure to show off.

The Capsule sandal

And, there’s the ankle strap which gives a nod to minimalist design. It is finished off with the most perfect, dainty leather ties that end in a perfect bow. Everything about the design is meant to flatter the feet and elongate the leg.

Although the Capsule sandal is made with the vintage lover in mind, it is a completely modern creation. This sandal is one that “transcends time and flows seamlessly with every style and outfit change you make.”

Milina Footwear, Creators of The Capsule Sandal

Interestingly, the brand responsible for the Capsule Sandal is one that focuses on providing high-quality USA-made footwear. The Capsule Sandal was created to appeal to vintage and modern fashionistas alike. And, they have a goal to make every wearer feel their utmost, stylish best when wearing their shoes.

Milina capsule sandal

Again, they focus on two things. Comfort and sustainability. Therefore, their sandals are 100% USA-made and they are very proud of that (and so are we). Each sandal is handcrafted by experienced shoe artisans using reclaimed leather and wood. Their materials are sustainably sourced from sneakers, boots, handbags, you name it. This is ethical fashion at its very best. And, it is made in Los Angeles.

At the moment, the Capsule Sandal is available in black and white. So that they could raise funds to create the Capsule Sandal, the creators used the crowdsourcing platform, They hope to release more colors in the future.

Milina sandal

In conclusion, we must say that we are rooting for Milina Footwear. We would love to see them succeed with the Capsule Sandal and create a great American brand. Visit their campaign page and support them by clicking this link.

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