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Chase Pants Land Water Rock

What if there is one pair of pants that’s the perfect companion to you as you travel and explore the world? The Chase Pants have been designed to carry your essentials securely with style and comfort as well as high durability.

Features of the Chase Pants

Clearly, the Chase Pants were made for active wear and they are packed with amazing features. While we can’t list everything here, we will pick a few that really stood out for us.

The Chase Pants by Boundary

The Chase Pants Are Durable

Though they are made from nylon, these are high-tenacity nylon fibers that are blended with merino yarns. This provides material that is extremely durable.

There Are Reflective Details on the Chase Pants

Actually, this is one of the best active wear out there. And with the hyper luminous and soft reflective tape that’s dyed to match the fabric, you’re left with awesome reflective details. This is sewn on the outer seam and has the company’s mantra: Land Water Rock.

Chase Pants Are Made with Natural Fibers

So, we mentioned that the chase pants are made with merino wool. Well, the thing about this fabric is that it naturally eliminates odors. It is also a natural performing fiber that does not wrinkle and rebounds the shape and fit of your pants.

chase pants

The Chase Pants Have Amazing Magnetic Organization

In addition to all the other cool features, the Chase Pants have a magnetic suspension that keeps your phone upright. As such, your phone is always centered and in an upright position when it’s in your back pocket. It is worth noting that the magnets used do not affect your phones or credit cards in any way.

Moisture Wicking Properties of the Chase Pants

Again, the chase pants are made from nylon and this is a fabric that absorbs water. To add to that, merino wool spreads the water to the to the part of the fabric where it’s easily absorbed.

Lightweight Chase Pants

Interestingly, these pants are lightweight. This is incredibly important for an active wear. Since most people will wear it almost every day and expect to be comfortable, then this is a great feature.

The Chase Pants Are Stain Resistant

Furthermore, you never have to worry about spilling coffee or your drink anymore. If you have that clumsy bone, then the chase pants with their DWR barricade coating are definitely for you.

The Intuitive Pocketing on the Chase Pants Are Awesome

Now, it seems hard to believe, but the chase pants actually have 8 pockets! This is a travelers dream as you can easily and conveniently carry your valuables on you at any time. And since 2 of these pockets have protective zippers, you know your stuff is safe.

chase pants water resistant

Highly Breathable Chase pants

Again, the mix of nylon and merino wool provide a fabric that is highly breathable. The nylon mimics the environment around you, letting air through, while merino wall helps to regulate the body’s temperature.

The Chase Pants Have Temperature Regulation

Additionally, the basic structure of wool with its many air pockets means that it helps to regulate the body’s humidity levels.

Wonderful Odor Resistant Chase Pants

Amazingly, the chase pants are odor resistant. We can’t tell you how truly amazing this feature is. It means that you can wear, hang and repeat so that you don’t have to wash after every wear. This is a fantastic feature for the traveler and leaves more time for doing interesting stuff.

So, What Can You Fit Inside The Chase Pants?

Now, that’s an interesting question. Because the Chase Pants were designed for travelers and for active wear, you can actually fit a lot inside. Of course, what goes into the Chase denim is slightly different from what you can fit into the chase solid pants. But we’ll lump them all together.

  • Key loop
  • Pens
  • Small items
  • Headphones
  • Passport
  • Phone
  • Wallet knife
  • Snack
  • Currency

Obviously, that’s a lot of stuff.

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Boundary, the Creators of the Chase Pants

Finally, the Chase Pants were created by Boundary, a company in Salt Lake City, Utah that specializes in high quality travel products. They use Blue Design ® fabrics and factories through every stage of their design to ensure that they remain focused on fair practices and sustainability. The Chase Pants are their latest products and they have already exceeded their goals on the crowdfunding site, Click here to find out more.

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