The Defy Collection is Designing Bras for Real Bodies

Defy Collection

The Defy Collection is designed for the real woman. The average woman has to make do with bras that don’t fit and have little or no support. This is a problem that is more common than one would imagine. In the US alone, 68% of women wear a size 14 or larger and the average bra size is 34DD.

Yet, you hardly find quality products for women who wear larger sizes and hardly any options exist. No doubt, there’s a need and Evelyn & Bobbie, an intimates company has come up with the solution.

As a result, what you get with The Defy Collection is a bra that gives support, comfort, and options. Without the torture device that is the underwire bra.

Defy Collection Amethyst

Features of the Defy Collection Bra

Definitely, there are tons of bras out there that do not have the underwire feature. But, the problem most women face with these bras is their lack of support. They just don’t cut it when it comes to giving a firm lift and support.

However, The Defy Collection by Evelyn & Bobbie is a whole different ball game. It comes with several features that will leave you gaping in surprise. These include:

  • 4-way stretch for easy fit
  • Seamless and smoothing
  • Lifts and separates
  • Wide stripes for no shoulder pain
  • Wire-free
  • Anti-odor and quick drying
  • Machine washable

Undoubtedly, it does everything a great bra is supposed to do, and then some.

Defy Collection

How Are the Bras in the Defy Collection Made?

Well, it was not easy that’s for sure. EB used their patented EB core design along with revolutionary fabric technology. And, these were built into soft layers of support to provide lift without hard pieces.

Furthermore, the designers took the time to create a bra that was made for real people by getting real feedback. For more than a year, they tested and designed, tweaked and constructed a bra that offers optimal support and comfort.

As a result, The Defy Collection is composed of bras that were made for real bodies. There is a wide range of sizes (up to an H cup and 44 band) and the design is simply fabulous. There is also a variety of colors and styles including:

  • Amethyst lace
  • Lagoon
  • Black Onyx
  • Black Lace

Also, because of the huge demand from their customers, they created the Defy Tank. This is a tank top that stretches and also provides a construction that’s great for layering.

The Defy Collection

The Defy Collection Kickstarter Campaign

Now, is the place where creators go to get their products to the market, and Evelyn & Bobbie is no exception. In order to get funding for the Defy Collection and also as a way to test if there was a real market for this product, they went to Kickstarter.

So far, the response exceeded their expectation. Within a few days of launching the campaign, they already had hundreds of backers. If anything, it shows that there is a real demand for the Defy Collection.

Defy Collection Black tank

About Evelyn and Bobbie, Makers of The Defy Collection

So, the Defy Collection was created by Evelyn & Bobbie, a product design company “dedicated to redefine the bra.” They are a team of designers, engineers, researchers and technical bra experts based in Portland, Oregon. Over the years they have worked on creating intimate apparel that serves the real woman.

Finally, the Defy Collection is their latest product and it is gaining lots of great reviews from customers. They believe that it is possible to have beauty, comfort, and support without trade-offs. The Defy Collection is designed to defy expectations.

Defy Collection Evelyn & Bobbie

For us, we love the fact that an American company has chosen to challenge long-held practices. The underwire bra was created decades ago and should have become an antique.

Furthermore, not only is this contraption unbelievably uncomfortable, but it sometimes causes injury as well. It’s about time someone disrupted the status quo and Evelyn & Bobbie, a woman-owned company is doing just that.

Finally, if you would like to know more about them or preorder the Defy Collection at a discounted rate, visit here.

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