The Evolution Hoodie Will Blow Your Mind

A hoodie made from coffee grounds. It’s difficult to imagine how that all comes together, but it gets even better. The Evolution hoodie is made out of a combination of recycled coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles. Everything about this hoodie is incredible and not surprisingly, it is called the Evolution Hoodie.

Interestingly, if you are planning a trip any time soon, or an outdoor adventure, you will appreciate this hoodie. It is chock full of different amazing features. It is one piece of clothing that you’ll probably want to live in, literally.

The Evolution Hoodie zippered pocket
The Evolution Hoodie is Pick-pocket proof

Features of the Evolution Hoodie

Amazingly, there are more than 20 different features on this hoodie. And, each feature is specially thought of and designed for easier travel. Beyond travel, the hoodie is also perfect for everyday wear. These are some of the features that we found particularly incredible.

Pick-pocket proof

Now, if you need a safe place to stash your valuables, then you’re in luck. With the Evolution hoodie, you can carry your stuff with you in a secure zippered pocket. Now, you can relax because your passport is safe. Also, there’s a loop where you can clip your keys. This hoodie is remarkably convenient to wear.

Sustainably Made

You know, this is perhaps the one feature we find absolutely amazing. Coffee grounds, plastic bottles? We’re totally speechless when we think about the amount of technology that’s gone into this. Talk about innovative and sustainable.

The Evolution Hoodie - totally packable

So, Coalatree, the people who made the Evolution Hoodie are big on impact. “By utilizing discarded materials like coffee grounds and plastic bottles, we’re keeping our waste streams small and making our impact big.”

The Evolution Hoodie is Easy to Pack

Again, the innovation here is worth noting. The Evolution Hoodie can easily be stashed in your pack. It is makes use of quick dry and moisture-wicking technology, which means that you’re always ready to go.

But, hold on. When we say packable, it actually folds up into a tiny little pouch which can also double as a pillow. Imagine when you go camping or if you’re stuck in transit in an airport. The Evolution Hoodie will definitely come in handy when you need to take a rest.

Odor Blocking

Honestly, is there nothing this hoodie can’t do? It even blocks odors when you sweat because the coffee grounds trap the odors. This is a permanent feature of the hoodie and does not wash out.

The Evolution Hoodie is packable

Really Cool Colors

Also, with the Evolution Hoodie, you can really express your personal style by choosing different colors. For now, there are four colors:

  • Oatmeal
  • Maroon
  • Green
  • Black

So, How Does This All Work?

Already, we’ve talked a lot about the whole coffee grounds and plastic bottle thing. Let’s be honest, it is amazing. But, how does it all come together?

Well, spent coffee ground are mixed with recycled plastic bottles. After a rather complicated process, they are formed into yarn and then used to make the Evolution Hoodie.

Coalatree logo evolution hoodie

Yes, we know it is more complex than that. After all, a lot of stuff like solar power and gray water recycling goes into the process. But, they use minima resources and make use of sustainable technologies.Finally, we love everything about the Evolution hoodie, from the design to the innovative use of technology. It is one product that anyone would be proud to own. Find out more about them here.

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