The Hammock Throne is the Last Word in Relaxation

Beautiful hammock throne

The hammock that everyone’s talking about, for a really good reason. They are cool, comfy and a beauty to behold. If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor companion, which also looks great indoors, then this is it. The Hammock Throne is not like any hammock you’ve ever known. It combines all the best qualities of a hammock, but without the stationary part of it.

Basically, it’s for those who have experienced the bliss of resting in a hammock and want that as often as possible. With the Hammock Throne, you don’t need two trees to get your hammock experience. You can have that delightful feeling right in your home. In your front yard or the balcony of your tiny apartment. Or hey, on the beach too.

In short, this free-standing hammock is guaranteed to change the way you view relaxation.

The Hammock Throne

What’s so Amazing About The Hammock Throne?

Now, where do we begin? Is it the sleek design or the fact that this hammock swivels and rotates? There are just so many features that make this a must-have relaxation accessory.

Although, calling it an accessory does not really do justice to the Hammock Throne. It is clear that after a short period of using this hammock, it will quickly become essential for relaxation. It was built for those without two perfect trees in their backyard. And, let’s face it, most people don’t have two perfect trees in their backyards. So this is just perfect for everyone.

But, this isn’t just great for backyards, it can also be part of your indoor furniture. Imagine chilling in a hammock while you watch the game, or read your favorite author. This hammock is so well designed that it immediately adds style to your interior décor.

the hammock throne beautiful

Interestingly, the creators tagged The Hammock Throne as an “experiential piece of furniture that promotes relaxation, inspiration and good times.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Features of The Hammock Throne

Although the Hammock Throne already sounds pretty amazing, the features are probably what has made this product so popular. These include:

Minimalist Footprints

So, this is actually one of the more amazing features of the Hammock Throne. The fact that you can fit it into a small space and still enjoy its awesomeness is pretty amazing. The minimalist design means that the hammock might essentially for outdoors, but it fits beautifully indoors as well.

the Hammock throne swivel view

360 Degrees Panoramic Swivel

Again, the swivel action is quite good and can go an amazing 360 degrees. This is really convenient and will definitely add to the relaxation element of the Hammock Throne.

The Hammock Throne is Versatile

In addition, the Hammock Throne is incredibly versatile. Even though it serves as a chair (that spins), just by kicking back, it turns into a full hammock bed. How awesome is that? You can go from chill to snooze in no time at all.

Stable Anchor Base

Furthermore, it has a stability which comes from its anchor base. With the swivel action, it’s easy to think that it might not be solid on the ground. But, the contrary is the case as the Hammock Throne is designed with a perfectly symmetrical base for increased stability.

the Hammock throne relaxation nook

Marine-Grade Outdoor Durability

Okay, so we’ve already waxed poetic about how great the Hammock Throne will look in your home. However, it has also been created with the durability to perform outdoors. Made with a solution-dyed performance yarn that is the gold standard for outdoor fabric, it is designed for extreme durability. Also, the metal elements are coated with super-tough coating to protect it from the elements.

So, indoors or outdoors, the Hammock Throne is good to go.

Sustainably Harvested Beechwood

Although the Hammock Throne is made from beechwood, every bit of it is sustainably harvested. This is important because the creators aren’t only concerned about the footprint in terms of size, but also in environmental impact.

The Kickstarter Campaign

Interestingly, the makers decided to go on to crowdsource the funds they need to bring this dream to reality.

At present, there are a little under 200 backers and the creators have raised close to 200,000 dollars. That’s way past their goal of twenty thousand.

the Hammock throne outdoors

Design Your Custom Hammock

Now, for the part that makes this an extra special campaign, and that’s the option for a custom designed hammock. If you get behind this special offer by backing them, the creators are promising a custom designed hammock. This makes a great gift, one you could very well decide to give yourself. This is certainly worth creating.

Finally, with the Hammock Throne, you come away with a great feeling. It’s evident that the co-founders, Rachel Connors, and Iosef “Joe” Denim put in a lot of and passion into this project. When you back this project, you are encouraging local business. But beyond that, you are giving back to the local women who toiled over each hammock.

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