The Layover Travel Blanket for Comfortable Trips

layover travel blanket

A travel blanket that does everything you want and then some? That’s what The Layover travel blanket by Gravel promises. But, does it deliver on that promise? From all indication, we believe that it does. Anyone who has ever had to go through a long layover without a comfortable travel blanket will certainly appreciate this one.

Although it is called The Layover, this is a travel blanket through and through, perfect for all situations on the road. The Layover Travel Blanket provides that extra comfort when you’re on the move. And, can be used in a variety of situations such as:

the layover travel blanket
  • Long uncomfortable flights
  • Napping on the floor during delays (or layovers)
  • Transfers
  • Road trips
  • Or a picnic at the park

Honestly, The Layover Travel Blanket can be used anywhere and the fact that it is lightweight makes it extra special. You don’t have to be afraid of lugging extra load about with this one.

Features of The Layover Travel Blanket

Now, we already mentioned that this travel blanket does a lot. The creators have included tons of features to ensure that you can take comfort with you wherever you go. This is exciting because generally speaking, blankets are hardly packable. You can’t just grab the blanket off your bed and hold it as you board a plane. It just looks weird. And super uncool.

layover travel blanket

So, what is the solution? The Layover travel blanket of course. Not only is it easy to pack, it is also warm and comfortable.

Actually, it has several features that will give you the comfort of your grandma’s quilt and more. What are these features, you ask? We’ll list some of them below. There are more, but these are the features that stood out for us and they’ll guide your decision.

The Layover Travel Blanket is Comfortable

Obviously, because what is the point of a travel blanket that isn’t comfortable? Therefore, the creators of The Layover travel blanket spent a lot of time to make this the ultimate in comfort. Made from breathable nylon, this travel blanket has an insulated core that gives you a warm and cozy feeling. It’s almost like being back in your own be.

super packable layover travel blanket

The Layover Travel Blanket is Super easy to pack

Also, the Layover Travel Blanket is super easy to pack. This is really important particularly where every ounce counts with your luggage. What’s the use of a comfortable travel blanket, if it has to eat up half of your available luggage space? You’ll probably just end up regretfully leaving it behind.

But, the Layover is on a totally different category. Not only is it lightweight, which is great for traveling, but it is also easy to pack. It’s so small, it hardly takes up any space at all. And, you can easily put it in a corner of your suitcase or clip it to your backpack. You won’t even remember it’s there until you need it.

Additionally, there’s an attached stuff sack that packs into a zippered pocket on the side of the blanket. You can easily keep it out of the way when you are using the blanket. Truly handy!

enjoyable layover travel blanket

Enjoy the Warmth of the Layover Travel Blanket

Again, we can’t stress the fact that this travel blanket is actually warm. A travel blanket that is both warm and lightweight is definitely a treasure. The Layover travel blanket has a breathable insulation core that creates a cozy feeling. It has several pockets that offer added protection against cold drafts.

And, what about those dang cold airplane drafts that always blow at your feet? This travel blanket has that covered as well. There’s a leg pocket with an insulated foot pouch specifically designed to eliminate cold drafts. It includes snap to keep the material close to your body.

Also, the kangaroo pocket is lined with microfleece to give your hands a soft and warm place to rest. Talk about cozy.

The Layover Travel Blanket Keeps You Organized

Amazingly, this travel blanket really does more than expected by helping you keep your stuff organized. On the outside of the hoodie sleeve, there’s an envelope pocket that is great for keeping stuff safe. It is the perfect place to secure items like headphones, passports, and boarding passes. With the Layover travel blanket, your vital stuff is always close to your body for safe-keeping and easy retrieval.

compact layover travel blanket

Other Features of the Layover Travel Blanket

Additionally, this travel blanket has other cool features. Like

  • The envelope pocket is reversible and turns into a pillow for added comfort.
  • It comes with premium snaps to secure the blanket around your shoulders.
  • The snaps also make it easy to add more blankets together to make a larger blanket.
  • The Layover Travel blanket is spill proof and water resistant.

Interestingly, the people behind Gravel (the makers of the Layover travel blanket) are Chris Livingston and Lance Williams. The company is based in Utah and they focused on designing and creating neat stuff. If you would like to find out more about the Layover Travel blanket, visit their Kickstarter campaign.

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