The Smartest Phone on the Block – The WiPhone

Ever heard of the WiPhone? Unlike the usual smartphone, it is a VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) phone designed for hackers and makers. It is very easy to modify and adapt to different uses. Talk about a techies dream phone.

Interestingly, the WiPhone makes it easy for hackers and users to make easy adaptations and modifications. It can easily be used for different types of software.

WiPhone for hackers

Furthermore, it makes it possible for you to make high definition (HD) voice calls for free using Wi-Fi. So, this means that unlike random smart or mobile phones that require a network service, the Wiphone needs no network service.

Thus, the WiPhone is an advanced, user-friendly mobile phone that’s set to change the way techies use mobile technology. If you are a hacker or a maker, then this phone will help you work smarter. It’s really easy to start working because the basics are already there. So, that immediately eliminates a substantial part of the work.

WiPhone for hackers green

More about the Wiphone

Again, the Wiphone is built for hacking. Hackers are just going to love this because they can entirely disassemble the phone in a minute or less by undoing just 6 screws. You can also change or remodel the Operating System (OS) as needed.

Perhaps, what stands out most about the WiPhone, for non-hackers, is the packaging. It is sleek and has lots of cool features. It’s also easy to understand, just needs a little attention and it can be figured out. We suspect that even rookie makers or hackers will enjoy using this phone. It has an easy to program ESP32 processor, an on/off circuit, working code and an easy to decode interface.

What’s more, the WiPhone comes in two styles and two colors. So, there’s the basic edition and the WiPhone Pro.

WiPhone for hackers by hackers

Features of the Wiphone

The Wiphone comes with a lot of features ranging from Electrical, software and mechanical features


  • VoIP (WiFi) phone
  • 2.4 inches’ screen (320 × 240)
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Micro USB for charging, serial communication and firmware updates
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Internal microSD slot
  • Size: 120mm × 50mm × 12mm
  • Weight: 80g
  • 700 mAh battery,8 hours talk/1 week estimated standby time
  • 25 buttons keypad, 4 reserved for the user, all keys are user programmable
  • Espressif ESP32 based system, programmable in Arduino
  • Micro Python for user applications*
  • 20 pin programmable header on the back of the phone.
WiPhone for hackers daughter board
WiPhone daughter board

Electrical features of the WiPhone

  • 16MB flash
  • ESP32 dual core running at 240 MHz
  • Wi-Fi + BT/BLE Dual Mode( Bluetooth is not yet used in the software)
  • USB serial port for charging, debugging and serial data transfer
  • Externally accessible headers for custom daughter boards, including UART, SPI, 12C, PWM, Digital I/O, ADC Functions.

Who’s the Wiphone is made for?

So, we’ve already mentioned that this phone was made for makers and hackers, but literally, anyone can use it. This phone was created by HackEDA to make things simpler for those who are interested in mobile tech. For hackers, it helps them to access and process the capabilities of any system so that they can exploit its vulnerabilities. This is a fundamental process in creating a secure system.


Basically, the WiPhone is for engineers who build machines and like to push the boundaries of knowledge. It is also for basic users. Yes, that’s right. Everyday non-techies like us can actually enjoy the amazing capabilities of the WiPhone as we use it for daily communication. And that is probably the coolest thing of all.

Finally, HackEDA launched a campaign on, the crowdfunding site, to fund the WiPhone. If you want to get in early on this, you should visit the campaign page ASAP.

Name: The WiPhone
Industry: Tech
Location Menlo Park, CA

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