This motivational brand is starting to spark!

Elevating Inc. is a motivational brand & movement that creates & distributes sport & lifestyle clothing, accessories, & services. They have just released Elevating 2.0 store which can be found here: According to the CEO: Elevating 2.0 changes up the feel of the brand from a cheerful clique motivated feel to a serious ambitious feel. Hence the black & white theme since black stands for: power, seriousness, & elegance. The reason behind the change is to be more intact with the modern on the move man or woman who is serious about making a better impact on their life or the life of others. This change also comes after receiving feedback from a few people that said it was “a little too motivational”. “We want Elevating as a brand to be taken seriously & not just seen as another clothing brand with cliche quotes.” says Jonathan Duenas, CEO of Elevating Inc. He also stated that they will be rolling out new collections & getting rid of the old merchandise.

The admins of

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