Tourit ZOOM Trailer: The Coolest Soft Cooler

Different colors of the ZOOM Trailer

Forget what you know about coolers, those days of heavy, bulky, and unattractive looking coolers are long gone. Thanks to Tourit, the Denver, Colorado company, a day out in the park can be a fun experience. The Tourit ZOOM Trailer is a commuter bag for day trippers that keeps food and drinks unbelievably cold.

The ZOOM Trailer - cooler/messenger bag

Now, if you’ve ever had to trudge through a hot day with a heavy cooler, then you’ll love this. Or if you’ve felt the frustration of arriving at your destination only to find warm drinks, then this is for you. the Tourit ZOOM trailer makes life easier for you by:

  • Keeping your food and beverages cold for 24 hours
  • Doubling as a messenger bag for your everyday belongings
  • Serving as a detachable fanny pack for on-the-go activities
  • Working as a bike bag with reflective material and straps to attach to your handle.

So, though it does a fantastic job of keeping your food and beverages cold, it is more than just a cooler.

Different colors of the ZOOM Trailer

What is the ZOOM Trailer by Tourit?

Actually, the Zoom Trailer by Tourit is a multifunctional cooler/messenger bag. It will ensure that your cooler is never forgotten and you won’t have to leave out any food or beverage.

Naturally, this is a truly unique cooler. The ZOOM Trailer is designed to have huge storage capacity. Amazingly, it can fit up to 20 cans of beverage, which is super for such a lightweight cooler. But, beyond that, it keeps food and beverages cool for up to 24 hours with freeze packs. If you’re searching for an all-weather soft cooler utility bag, then you should definitely check out the ZOOM Trailer.

The ZOOM Trailer is Multifunctional

Although the ZOOM Trailer serves as a great soft cooler, you don’t have to abandon it when you don’t need a cooler. If it’s not in use as a cooler bag, it makes a perfect messenger bag for all your stuff. And yes, it can also store your laptop.

ZOOM Trailer as a Messenger bag

Now, think of all the ways you can use this amazing bag. As a cooler (obviously), as a messenger bag for going to the office, or for going to the gym. It is truly multifunctional, which serves as a way to simplify. Going for multifunctional items is a great way to live the minimalist lifestyle.

Oh, and if you need to get somewhere on your bike, the ZOOM Trailer can come along for the ride as well. It’s designed with adjustable bicycle cruiser straps so that you can easily attach your bag to your bike. This versatile bag is great for outdoor recreation or commuting.

And, what if you need to take a beach towel or a blanket along with you? The bag’s bottom straps make that really easy to do. Whether you’re going camping or spending a day at the beach, or the gym, your ZOOM Trailer has you covered.

The ZOOM Trailer

Tourit’s ZOOM Trailer is Eco-Friendly

Furthermore, nature lovers can rest in the knowledge that the ZOOM Trailer is an eco-friendly bag. It’s designed to leave a small footprint yet, this does not in any way compromise on the quality of the bag. Made with durable and resistant Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material, this is a bag that goes the distance. It is strong and durable and can withstand scratching and folding with very little wear and tear. It is also easy to clean.

With all this, it is also worthy of note that the ZOOM Trailer meets FDA requirements for food packaging.

So far, you can get the ZOOM Trailer in five different colors. There’s black, navy, red, green and camo grey. The camo grey is great for bike rides as it is made with reflective material.

ZOOM Trailer by Tourit

About Tourit, the Folks Behind the ZOOM Trailer

To conclude, if you’ve ever tried to buy soft coolers before, you might have run into Tourit. They have a reputation for creating great soft cooling units like the ZOOM Trailer. They are based in Denver, Colorado and are focused on producing products that everyone can enjoy. Their latest product, the ZOOM Trailer was launched on Kickstarter as a means to raise funds for production. You can find out more about them by visiting their Kickstarter campaign page. Go ahead and back their campaign to help them make their dream come to life.

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